What You Should Do If You Adopted A Kitten

What You Should Do If You Adopted A Kitten

15 January 2020
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If you recently adopted a kitten, you may find yourself just feeling so excited to get the cute little bundle of joy home with you. However, there are some important steps that you should take when you have adopted a young kitten to make their transition into your home as positive and as healthy as possible. Get to know some of these steps to take. Then, you can be sure that you are taking care of your kitten in the best way possible going forward. 

Have a Designated Room for the Kitten to Start

Kittens can be overwhelmed when they first come into your home, especially if you have other pets. As such, it is good to have a designated room especially for your kitten to call home to start the transition process. If you have an unused guest room or something like that, this can be ideal as it provides the kitten with plenty of space but still gives them a safe place. 

Put their litter box, food, and water in that room with them as well as toys and cat beds. Let them get acclimated to that space. Spend time with them in the room and let the kitten get comfortable with you as well. 

Then slowly, you can start introducing your new kitten to other pets and to the rest of the house. This process can take a few weeks up to a month or more, depending on how young and how shy your kitten is. 

Be Sure to Go to the Vet Right Away

One of the first things you should do after adopting a new kitten is to take them to a vet at an animal hospital. The vet will look over their health records, give them a physical exam, and will likely administer some core vaccines that your cat may not have yet received. 

If you adopted your kitten from a shelter, they likely received a rabies vaccine (unless they were too young) and may have also gotten their initial FVRPC vaccine, which vaccinates against three highly contagious viral infections. However, they may need an FVRPC booster. Your veterinarian may also recommend other vaccinations such as the feline leukemia vaccine and the bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine. These vaccines protect against other contagious feline diseases and are especially important if you intend to let your kitten ever go outside. 

Now that you know some of the steps to take when you have adopted a kitten, you can be sure you are making their transition into your home as easy and as healthy as possible. 

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